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Pure Compressed Air For Breathing

Welcome to Willpower Breathing AIr Ltd - the UK's leading specialist compressed air breathing purifier manufacturer

If you work in a hazardous environment, a simple compressed air filter will not meet the standards. At Willpower Breathing Air Ltd, our Niltox range of Breathing AIr Purifiers can help to ensure you comply with the law and keep my your team safe. Contact our team find out more.

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Pure compressed air for breathing

Willpower Breathing Air Ltd manufactures the Niltox range of breathing air purifiers.

The Niltox range consists of three different ranges of purifiers. The AR and HR ranges use a duplex system that provides a constant flow of breathable quality air whilst continuously regenerating itself to give long service intervals. As each stage of the purification process undergoes regeneration the purifiers do not loose effectiveness even at the end of cartridge life.

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The Niltox range of breathing air purifiers

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Niltox AR range

A range of six purifiers providing 180 - 1080 L/m (1- 6 users*)

Used in most applications especially at or near point of use.

Niltox HR range

Niltox HR range. A range of six purifiers providing 540 - 4800 L/m

Used in most applications more typically as a central system

Niltox HA range

Niltox HA range. A range of purifiers providing 360 L/m upward

Used where there is a supply of desiccant dried air or there is low usage requirement.

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Your Quality Air Filter Supplier

Quality Products & Services

In addition to the standard range of Niltox breathing air purifiers, Willpower Breathing Air Ltd also designs and manufactures air treatment systems to meet specific customer requirements.

The company offers site survey service which can include differing kinds of air quality checks from the basic COSHH requirements to full gas analysis.

Site survey and air quality testing

• Wide range of contaminants tested for

• Accurate electronic instruments giving instant results

• The ability to design solutions to problems identified

Capabilities - Capability 1
Gas analysis of basic COSHH contaminants

Capability 2
Full gas analysis to identify whole range of foreseeable contaminants

Capability 3
Electronic measurement of particles for both quantity and size.

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Reduce allergens, neutralise odours and improve air quality

Contact Willpower Breathing Air in Birmingham about our compressors on

0121 605 2600

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