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Niltox products

Based in Birmingham, Willpower Breathing Air Ltd manufacture and supply the Niltox range of Breathing AIr Purifiers. Have a look at our AR, HR and HA range or get in touch for more information.

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How does it work?

Blue is new, pink is extinct

Niltox breathing air purifiers all contain the unique colour change monitor.

The colour change strip runs the length of each cartridge and turns from blue to pink as the units become contaminated.

When the indicator tape shows blue, the purifier is providing breathable quality air. Each Niltox cartridge contains a number of stages to remove contamination from the compressed air. Each stage undergoes continual regeneration, ensuring high efficiency throughout the cartridge life.

When the pink colour reaches the indicator label it's time to change it 

Stay COSHH compliant

Under current health and safety legislation and COSHH guidelines, users are required to test for foreseeable contaminants in their compressed air. The "usual" technique adopted to meet this requirement is to carry out monthly air quality tests. This technique is not only expensive, it also doesn't provide any actual protection or meet the requirements of the legislation unless suitable control methods have been incorporated.

Using the Niltox method provides a control measure and the colour change monitor ensures continued effectiveness. That means testing is required on an annual basis instead of a monthly one, helping you to keep costs down.

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The Niltox range

Niltox Products: Services

Niltox AR range

The Niltox AR Range consists of 6 purifiers providing air for 1 - 6* men. The units use pressure swing technology to provide a fully regenerating system to provide air for 12 months or 1000 hours. The units remove water vapour, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, oil vapour, smell dirt and dust as well as a whole range of other contaminants **

Key benefits

• Colour Change Monitor

• All stages undergo regeneration

• Full range of options including totally pneumatic operation

• Very competitively priced

*Although a prefilter is optional from Willpower Breathing Air Ltd, a high quality coalescing pre filter MUST be fitted prior to the purifier unit.


Niltox AR Range Price List Feb 2020. Willpower Breathing Air Ltd reserves the right to change technical specifications and prices. All price in £ sterling excluding VAT. All prices EX works. E&OE

We can help you pick the right Niltox products for your premises

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