• Legislation

    The use of compressed air as a source of respiratory protection is covered by various standards, COSHH and Codes of practice. Following is a list of references. Below is a summary of the main points to consider when making decision relating to selection of suitable equipment.

    Carbon Monoxide >3 ppm
    Carbon Dioxide >500 ppm
    Oxygen 20-23%
    Oil Mist .05 mg/m³
    Odour/Taste Without significant odour or taste
    Water Vapour 5ºC below lowest ambient or -11ºC

    All other contaminants 10% EH40 Levels

    BSEN 529


    The main points to consider when designing a compressed air system to provide breathable quality air are:-

    1) Air quality requirements. The air supplied to the user must conform to all the above standards, in particular it should meet the requirements of the table above.

    2) Air quality testing. The air quality should be tested for foreseeable contaminants at least monthly or more often if necessary. The air quality test is NOT a control measure and only forms part of the process of providing breathable air.

    3) Selection of suitable control measures. When a risk assessment, or the standards, identify possible risks it is necessary to install a control measure to protect from, or remove, each of those risks. The inclusion of the control measure coupled with the air quality test will help to ensure breathable quality air.

    How Niltox purifiers provide the solution.

    Niltox purifiers remove carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, oil & water vapour, oil and water, smells, tastes, dirt, dust and the doubt. Thus the purifier provides the control measure. The built in colour indictor shows that the control measure is operating and hence removing the risk. This will enable users to avoid monthly air quality testing.

    Niltox purifiers remove the contamination, the need for expensive tests and the doubt!

    Follow this link to an extract from BSEN 529 that shows the stages required in a compressed air breathing system. Niltox units provide the components from A2.8 to A2.11.

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