• NiltoX HA Range

    A range of single housing purifiers that are intended for occasional use or where desiccant dried air is already available. Single housing purifiers do not undergo the regeneration cycle of the HR and AR duplex ranges.

    They have a finite capacity for adsorbing contamination and thus a much shorter life. In circumstances where occasional use is required this technique can show a cost saving over the duplex systems as the number of cartridges required is reduced.

    Where a source of desiccant dried air is available the single housing models will have a 1000 hour life.

    These units will only have limited ability to remove carbon dioxide, as they do not undergo the regeneration cycle, it is therefore advisable to ensure that the desiccant drier is capable of removing CO2


  • Key Benefits

    Low initial cost

    Provides full protection

    Contains Colour Change Monitor

    A system utilising a single housing unit should, as a minimum, contain a high efficiency coalescing pre filter. If used in desiccant dried system the desiccant should be capable of removing carbon dioxide.

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