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    Niltox breathing air purifiers all contain the unique Colour Change Monitor.


    The colour change strip runs the length of each cartridge and turns from blue to pink as the units become contaminated.

    Under the requirements of COSHH users are required to test for foreseeable contaminants in their compressed air. The "usual" technique adopted to meet this requirement is to carry out monthly air quality tests. This technique is not only expensive it, in fact, does not provide any actual protection and does not meet the requirements of the legislation unless suitable control methods are incorporated in the compressed air system.

    Under health and safety legislation users are required to carry out risk assessments provide control measures, and ensure the continued effectiveness of the control measure. Using regular testing only goes part way to meeting these requirements.

    Using the Niltox method the user has provided a control measure and the colour change monitor ensures the continued effectiveness, this reduces the need for the testing to an annual basis. This solution provides protection and testing requirements all at a cost lower than monthly testing.

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